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About me

I am fascinated by skyscrapers, they are one of my passions. Ever since I have started to collect information about tall buildings back in 1996, my addiction did not get lost. When I see skyscrapers, my heart is beating faster and I want to learn more about them. This hasn't changed in the last 20 years.

I live in Frankfurt, Europe's skyscraper capital. I am following major real estate projects in my hometown, drive to construction sites sometimes, talk to experts, and take pictures. I am constantly adding all my research results here to Phorio in my freetime. Sometimes I also go to other cities in Germany, just to be informed about what is going on in terms of new developments. And there is a lot of construction going on. Not just in Germany, but all over the world. Everything is in constant, slowly change: buildings get renovated, tenants move in or out, space is for rent, or the owner changes. But these problems are not limited just to buildings. Everything changes: companies go bankrupt, merge, or split up. Cities merge, countries are divided, and population numbers change. When you love to analyze data like I do, change is your "enemy".

When I began to closely monitor changes to individual buildings, it became clear to me that it is impossible to keep track of all the changes yourself. Simply because the knowledge is spread over many different and always changing sources. No one is getting the changes together and is bringing them into the right order. It's a bug! When I talk to others about this, really everybody seems to have the same problem as just described. Everyone is working with his own set of data. Many data records are outdated, incomplete, or simply wrong. Nobody is able to automatically exchange, coordinate, and complete their information with those of others. Again: It's a serious bug. I am glad that Phorio wants to fix these problems for all of us.

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