Daniel Kieckhefer

Status: Editor | Location: Chicago, IL, USA

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About me

In 2010 I helped to start Phorio along with more than 80 other building enthusiasts. Our desire was to create a highly organized system for collecting, displaying, and sharing data about buildings... a place that could be used for in-depth research, worldwide statistics, or just for personal enjoyment. The site had to be open, flexible, and powerful, but also fun to use. We are well on our way to realizing that vision right here.

As for me, I live in Chicago and, like most people who are active here, I enjoy going outdoors, taking pictures, and indexing buildings. I'm very interested in architectural history, so I probably specialize a bit in older buildings, but I also love modernism, especially imaginative styles like Expressionism, Art Nouveau, and Brutalism. But nothing for me surpasses the great Gothic churches of Europe.

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