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Region Type: city | Population: 10,187,595 | Area: 740 km2

Important buildings

Number of Buildings by Construction Year

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Buildings by Categories (still growing)

Primary use
residential - (51 results)
office - (47 results)
lodging - (16 results)
symbolic - (1 results)
government - (1 results)
sports - (1 results)
Frame material
concrete - (20 results)
mixed materials - (9 results)
existing - (185 results)
planned - (25 results)
unbuilt - (18 results)
under construction - (16 results)
Facade system
curtain wall - (16 results)
Facade material
industrial material - (2 results)
Architectural style
modern style - (21 results)
revival style - (20 results)

Geographic Breakdown

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Mega Kuningan SCBD The Golden Triangle


Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta) Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta) Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta) Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta) Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)